5 practical garden ornaments

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While winter lasts, gardens are still sleeping and numerous decorations are waiting in garages and attics to redecorate the space in front of your home for spring. The winter growing months are a great time to plan decorations and new garden arrangements so that you can start work on restoring your garden at the first possible moment. Here are 5 interesting, yet practical decorations for the garden

Garden sculptures and figures – insect houses

Although the era of garden gnomes and plastic ducks is over, garden figures are still a fairly popular form of decoration. The current trend are images of fairies, which can be placed among blooming flowers or in a larger group near a tree or bush. Fairies can be white or colored, and there are also popular clay fairy houses that can also serve as insect houses. Such ornaments are very useful because bees, bumblebees and other beneficial creatures can rest there and take shelter from the scorching summer sun. Figurines without a hidden insect house can also be used to cover bumps in the ground

Garden swings and hammocks

Relaxing in the garden is one of the most enjoyable aspects of having your own piece of land next to your home. Nothing is as relaxing and helps calm your mind as carefree swaying in a hammock or on a swing. Recently fashionable macramé swings and hammocks will be a great decoration of the terrace or space between the trees. You can buy such ornaments in the online store https://www.sternhoff.pl/pl/73-ogrod. The wooden structure can look beautiful entwined with rose shoots or decorative peas

Modern flowerbeds

When it comes to decorating your patio, flowerbeds are a great way to spruce things up. Even ordinary flowerbeds for the house can be used as outdoor decoration in spring and summer and only put the plants back inside in autumn when the temperatures drop. By placing them in flowerbeds, the plants have access to more light, so they grow faster and colour better. After a summer on the terrace, the plants will be beautiful all winter long

Flowerbeds with honeycombs

The natural look in the garden is increasingly desirable and fashionable. Many people are planting flowerbeds, but if you don’t like the wild look you can also sow a bed of melliferous flowers. They look beautiful, are colourful and attract many beneficial insects which will enliven your garden and at the same time feed and breed in it.

Nesting boxes and a bird feeder

Another useful decoration for nature in the garden can be a nest box for birds and a bird feeder. In summer, female birds will lay eggs in the nest boxes and raise their young, while in winter, various species of birds that winter in Poland will fly to the feeder. These items can look lovely and support nature and serve as your entertainment, as bird watching is very entertaining. In addition to a feeder and a box, you can also place a decorative water bowl in your garden in the summer, where birds can drink during the heat and wash their feathers

The arrangement of your garden strongly affects its appearance and the quality of time spent in it. A garden that is decorated and varied with various attractions will be a great place for the whole family

Main photo: Karolina Kolodziejczak/unsplash.com

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