Is it worth investing in SEO?

Positioning is the easiest and also the cheapest way to increase online visibility. Comprehensive actions taken both on and off the website are a must regardless of the type of website. If you want to reach a wide audience, try link building SEO strategy, build brand awareness and even increase conversions in your online store – you can’t do without SEO. In this article we tell you why you should invest in it and how You can get top positions on SERP with big commerce SEO audit

Definition of SEO and positioning – are they the same thing?

As New York City SEO has seen in results of analysis, many people use the terms SEO and positioning interchangeably. This is a mistake. Let’s start with the first term. Positioning includes all actions taken to improve the visibility of a website online and increase its position in searches. This includes UX or off-site activities, such as link building. The definition of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), on the other hand, talks about optimizing a website for search engines (not only Google, but also Yahoo or Bing), but mainly in technical terms. However, SEO is an integral part of positioning.

Big commerce SEO audit

What does big commerce SEO audit consist of? Important are keywords – their selection, saturation, adjustment to the audience, and even length. In order to optimize a website, optimization of content and code is also performed, as well as on-site (internal linking) and off-site (external linking) link building SEO activities.

Does positioning make sense?

Mentioned before New York City SEO says – of course it does! If you completely resign from positioning, your website will gradually drop in the search engine results. This in turn will translate into less traffic to your site and even less conversions. Showing up on the first page of Google or any other search engine is the best way to reach new customers, increase profits, and increase brand awareness, making it more recognizable. It’s also an opportunity to break through among the competition.

SEO audit is the basis

Where to start with positioning? If you decide to cooperate with a good agency like a New York City SEO agency, the first thing the specialists will do is SEO audit. What is it? It’s a thorough analysis of a website, during which it is checked whether it meets the requirements of Google robots. Practically everything is analyzed during the audit – link building SEO which is key of offsite SEO, the HTML code, to the headings and key phrases, to the meta data. This is all done in order to see how the website is currently performing and to propose a range and plan of described big commerce SEO audit that will have a positive impact on the positioning of the website.

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