Health in a jar. Marinated vegetables – recipes

Marinated vegetables are a great way to make a tasty and healthy addition to your dinner. Thanks to this simple process, you will give vegetables a completely different taste, and on top of that, prolong their shelf life. Learn how surprising combinations of ingredients make up remarkable weeks, rich in nutrients. We present the best recipes that will change your approach to pickling.

Zucchini in Mexican style – something for lovers of sweet and sour additions

If you like to experiment with sweet and sour dishes, this recipe is sure to appeal to you. Zucchini will take on a completely new flavor that is sure to surprise any gourmet. In addition, it will provide you with plenty of vitamins A and C and enrich your diet with folate, beta-carotene, sodium and potassium.

To prepare five servings, you’ll need 2,000 grams of zucchini, a head of garlic, salt, 360 grams of tomatoes, a cup of sugar, half a cup of spirit vinegar, canola oil, sweet paprika powder, chili peppers and some oil.

Once you have prepared all the ingredients, proceed to wash the vegetables. Cut the zucchini into strips and remove the seed nests from them. Peel the garlic and divide each clove into several pieces. Chop the chili and then mix it in a bowl together with the zucchini, garlic, a tablespoon of sweet paprika and a tablespoon of salt. Set this combination aside for about two hours so that the ingredients give the squash its flavor. During this time, you can scald the tomatoes and remove their skins. Then blanch them and boil them in a pot along with a cup of sugar and half a cup of spirit vinegar. In the meantime, you can scald the jars with boiling water. One by one, arrange the zucchini pieces from the earlier mixture in the jars, then pour the boiled tomatoes over them. Add a tablespoon of oil to each jar, then cap and cook the jars for about 15 minutes. After this time, remove them from the pot. Finally, tighten the caps and place the preserves upside down. You can also cover them with a cloth to keep them warm. Enjoy!

Zucchini with peppers in vinegar marinade – a unique combination

We also recommend the combination of two popular vegetables. Zucchini and peppers often appear on dinner plates, but not in this way. We suggest preparing them in a vinegar marinade, which will give them a completely new flavor.

To prepare five servings you will need 500 g of zucchini, 250 g of red peppers, 250 g of yellow peppers and 500 ml of spirit vinegar. In addition, you will need salt, allspice, bay leaf, mustard and sugar.

To begin with, wash all the vegetables thoroughly. Then cut the zucchini into posts, in such a way that they fit easily into the jar. Cut the peppers into strips after removing the seed nests. Pour a liter of water and 500 ml of vinegar into a pot, add sugar and salt as desired. Stir the resulting marinade and bring to a boil. In the meantime, scald the jars with boiling water. Put zucchini, peppers, mustard seeds, bay leaves and allspice in them. Make sure that each jar is evenly filled with vegetables, otherwise there may be differences in taste. Pour hot brine over them and carefully tighten. Boil the jars and then remove them from the pot. Finally, tighten the caps and place the preserves upside down. Enjoy!

main photo: Shrewsberry

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