Garden umbrellas. What to pay attention to before buying?

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Garden umbrellas. What to pay attention to before buying?
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When the warm days of summer come and the sun is baking, we enjoy spending time outdoors and in the garden. Unfortunately, when temperatures hover around 30℃ and the sun’s rays are merciless, we must also take care of our health and safety. 

That’s when garden umbrellas come to our aid, providing us with shade and protection even at high noon. The only question that remains is which umbrella will be the best and what do we need to pay attention to when deciding on a particular model?

It would seem that choosing the right garden umbrella should not cause any trouble. Unfortunately, the variety of materials, sizes, colors and designs available in stores today can make your head spin. We must also realize that each of us has different needs. However, there are some elements that we should pay attention to regardless of our preferences.

What to pay attention to when choosing a garden umbrella?

Material, the basis

Although usually the appearance often comes first, it is not as important as the material from which the umbrella is made. When buying this type of equipment for the garden or terrace, we rather want a good investment that will serve for many years, not just one season. The umbrella is exposed to constant weathering, such as sun, wind and rain. That is why the materials of the frame and its covering are so important. It is worth considering models coated with plastic, which is resistant to water and discoloration.

In addition to the material, the base on which the entire structure rests is also important. In this case, it will also be crucial whether the umbrella will be permanently set in one place, or, however, will be moved. The choice of the appropriate mounting and base will depend on this. The former are more stable and can resist strong winds, for example, but a heavy base is difficult to transport. Smaller models, for example, driven into the ground, you will move at any time, but you have to reckon with the fact that even a little stronger wind can damage or snatch them.

In terms of design, we can distinguish umbrellas with a side or central leg. Side models are sensational, especially when placed over a table or deck chairs, they will not interfere with the space.


This is another parameter that we choose according to our needs. The size of the umbrella must be matched to the space it is intended to cover, for example, a sitting area in our garden or a terrace area with loungers set up. There are umbrellas available for sale with diameters ranging from about 2 meters up to almost 6 meters. The latter, due to the difficulty of unfolding, are often equipped with so-called turnstiles, thanks to which you can quickly and easily unfold and fold the umbrella.

Appearance and aesthetics

It is important that the umbrella, despite all its parameters, still fit in with the rest of the elements of the garden and terrace. Here the style, color, and material will be important. 

Umbrellas with built-in LED modules that immediately illuminate the space underneath them are also an interesting and relatively new solution. This is a great patent for evening meetings or reading books on a deck chair even after dark.

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