Garden furniture made of technorattan

Garden furniture made of technorattan
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Technorattan furniture is a common element of a home garden or terrace arrangement. What are their advantages and disadvantages? What should we pay attention to when choosing a set of furniture made of this material?

What is technorattan?

Technorattan is a synthetic material that imitates the weave characteristic of natural rattan. Individual strips of polyethylene or polyurethane fibers allow manufacturers to create garden furniture resembling their counterparts from natural rattan. Technorattan braid may be flat, semicircular or round (the most expensive and used in production of the most exclusive furniture). It is worth mentioning that artificial rattan is much more durable, flexible and UV-resistant. What is more, this material is completely non-toxic and very ecological. Many people do not realize that technorattan may be recycled. It is not without a reason that Poles fell in love with technorattan furniture and willingly place it in their back gardens or on terraces.

Advantages of garden furniture made of technorattan

Why is the purchase of garden furniture made of synthetic rattan a good solution? They are characterized by much longer life-span than those made of natural rattan. It is worth buying a set made of technorattan because this type of furniture

  • do not deform, even under considerable weight;
  • are not sensitive to large temperature fluctuations (neither heat nor frost will harm them);
  • do not fade under the influence of the sun;
  • are extremely lightweight – so we can move individual elements of the set without effort (which can not be said about furniture made of wood or steel);
  • are easy to keep clean – just moisten a sponge or a cotton or microfiber cloth and wipe the dirt to make them look new again
  • are 100 percent resistant to moisture (under the influence of water they do not swell, crack or grow mould);
  • do not require special maintenance (it is enough to cover them with a cover after the end of the season, so that the braid does not collect too much dust and dirt).

Why else is it worth buying technorattan furniture?

Usually, technorattan furniture have waterproof covers, which may be washed in a washing machine without any problem. Due to their flexibility, they may take various shapes. Hanging cocoon armchairs, which are a real decoration of the house space, are very popular among users. They are so aesthetic that some people place them inside the house, where they are one of the most besieged leisure furniture (and not only by the youngest members of the family).

Technorattan garden furniture – the disadvantages

Of course, technorattan furniture is not without certain drawbacks. If we decide to buy them, we have to take into account the fact that we will not be able to repaint the set to another color since synthetic fibers are dyed in the mass. Technorattan is also not a cheap material – especially furniture made of semi-circular and round braids is quite expensive (however, we must remember that it may serve us for as long as 10-15 years). In case of damage, the replacement of fibers is quite tedious and time-consuming (not everyone can cope with the aesthetic filling of cavities).

How much does technorattan garden furniture cost?

The purchase cost of the cheapest set consisting of two chairs and a coffee table is about 1000 PLN (flat weave). A better quality outdoor furniture set is an expenditure of about 3000-6000 PLN. If you want to buy solid pieces of technorattan furniture at a good price, it is worth waiting until after-season sales when discounts reach even 20-30%.

To sum up, technorattan furniture is a long-term investment – we will be able to enjoy our dream set of lounge chairs for many seasons.

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