Insecticide lamp. What is worth knowing before buying?

Insecticide lamp. What is worth knowing before buying?
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Along with the spring, insects also wake up to life, which are not welcome guests in the apartment. Will the insecticidal lamp help to get rid of flies and mosquitoes from the apartment?

Insecticidal lamp – what is it?

Insecticidal lamp is a popular alternative to paws, sticks, sprays and scented candles. This device is very effective in eliminating insects in an odorless and safe way for the environment.

Types of insecticide lamps

For home use, you can purchase one of three types of lamps.

  • Theblatant is the most commonly used mechanism. This type of device is equipped with a high-voltage grid, the color of which attracts insects. The attracted insect is electrocuted and lands on a special grid located at the bottom of the lamp. When buying such a lamp, you should pay attention to the power of the device; the higher it is, the better the device will cope with the elimination of insects and the power of destruction is greater.
  • Sticky – in the device are mounted sticky pads, to which the insect sticks. This device uses less electricity and is safer for the environment than the sticky lamp. Because the insects are caught whole, the device is more hygienic; it does not get dirty as quickly as a flash lamp. Stick insecticide lamps have many advantages and one small disadvantage: the price of replaceable stickies.
  • Windmill – The device sucks insects inside with the help of a small windmill. Unfortunately, it does not kill the insects, but after they are caught they are stored in a small container inside the device. The insecticidal windmill lamp is a fully hygienic device that is easy to keep clean.
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How does the insecticidal lamp work?

The lamp works in a very simple way. The device attracts insects and then kills them. The main lure for insects is the color of the UV-A light, which is invisible to the human eye, but acts as a magnet for insects. You can find UV insecticide lamps in stores, but they are less effective than UV-A (fluorescent) lamps.

When choosing a device, you should also take into account its power. The greater it is, the more insects it can attract and annihilate. For home use, lamps of 15-40 watts are recommended. The larger the room, the more powerful the lamp should be.

Which lamp for the garden and which for the house?

When choosing an insecticide lamp for the garden, check whether the manufacturer allows its use outdoors. Outdoor lamps must be made of waterproof material. Therefore, for the outdoors you should only choose lamps that are designed for this purpose. Any type of insecticide lamp will work in a home environment. If there are small children in the house, then the lamp should be placed out of their reach.

Is an insecticide lamp safe for humans?

Insecticidal lamps emit a wave of electromagnetic light; the wavelength is 300 – 400 nm. The light dose is completely safe for humans and animals. The lamp works without the use of chemicals and substances harmful to human and animal health.

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What should I consider when buying an insecticide lamp?

When buying an insecticidal lamp for your home, you should be guided by:

  • type,
  • power,
  • the method of power supply (there are models with batteries, rechargeable battery or plug-in power supply),
  • the price
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