Driveway waterproofing. How to renovate paving stones?

Driveway waterproofing. How to renovate paving stones?
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Your driveway, while so often neglected and treated lightly, is the showcase of your home. It is one of the first things that the casual passerby, guests, and family see. You don’t know yet how renewing your driveway’s pavers can improve your mood! With a refreshed driveway, your entire home will look so much better!

Paving stones, especially after winter, need to be refreshed. A few simple steps will restore its lost color. Regardless of what kind of paving blocks your driveway is covered with and what price range they come from, they need to be taken care of! Treated paving blocks will be easier to care for and more effective in their appearance.

Systematic maintenance of paving stones should be the overriding rule of those who use them. Remember that changing weather and weather conditions directly affect carefully laid paving stones. Sun, snow, hail and rain – nothing will protect against them better than maintenance.

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Before impregnation

Start with cleaning the pavement. As a rule, plain water should be enough. Of course, it depends on what kind of dirt you’re dealing with and what kind of paving you used on your driveway. Any stains that seem more dangerous to you should be dealt with in an emergency. You’ll get rid of an oil stain more easily if you wash it off before it soaks into the driveway surface. If water and lotion don’t have the desired effect, treat the stain on the paving stones with a special lotion. You can also try a mixture of two natural ingredients – baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Get rid of all kinds of weeds, uninvited plants and moss. Sweep out the flecks and dust. After waterproofing, this will not be possible.

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Impregnation of paving blocks on the driveway

Thus prepared paving blocks are ready for impregnation. Remember that this will make the paving blocks less absorbent, so even those stains that you didn’t remove right away will have less chance to ruin your driveway. And staining paving stones, in a place like your driveway, is not hard to do! Since it’s especially vulnerable, you should consider waterproofing it first.

When is the best time to impregnate paving stones?

Spring is the ideal time for such treatment. After impregnation weather conditions are crucial for the best effect. Paving stones should not be exposed to strong sunlight or heavy rainfall for several days.

Which waterproofing product should I choose?

You can apply waterproofing in two ways – with a pressure sprayer or using a long bristle roller. Do not buy the cheapest product! Its main ingredient is water, which translates into low impregnating effectiveness. Opt for an agent that has butanol and silicone in its composition or is a polymeric agent. This will avoid annual impregnation, and the effect will enjoy you for years!

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