Active relaxation in the garden. How to create such a place?

Active relaxation in the garden. How to create such a place?
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How to develop the garden space so that each member of the household can practice their favorite sport? What equipment elements will encourage both children and adults to be active?

Ideas for a sports corner for children – what will delight the youngest?

Many parents wonder how to tear their kids away from the tablet screen or smartphone and encourage them to spend time actively in the garden? Separate a space just for kids and arrange it in such a way that it encourages movement. If you have a large enough plot, you can arrange a private playground – what shouldn’t be missing? Certainly garden swings, slides, a mini climbing wall and obligatorily a house with a ladder. You can buy ready-made playgrounds made of wood or plastic, and if you’re a DIY enthusiast – you can build your own children’s kingdom of activity (the cheapest playground sets can be purchased for about 1500-2500 PLN)

Children at preschool and early school age will surely enjoy a trampoline. It’s also worth equipping the garden with a sandbox, where kids will be able to develop their imagination

A real hit among the youngest will certainly be a garden swimming pool – children love splashing in the water. If we invest in a larger model, such as a 4 × 2.5 m frame pool, they will be able to invite their peers to spend summer afternoons in the pool. A garden pool is also a great opportunity to conduct the first swimming lessons with children and instill love for this sport. How much money should be reckoned with? A good quality pool with a size of 4 × 2.5 m costs 1000-1300 PLN

If you’re looking for ideas to get teenagers active, it’s worth buying a basketball basket and preparing an amateur playground. If you have a bigger budget (PLN 2,000-3,000), you can invest in a modular polypropylene surface with rubber, which will allow you to create a mini pitch of your dreams in your garden. Older children will surely be delighted!

How do I arrange a garden space for adults?

Spring, summer, and early autumn are the times when we like to spend our free time outdoors – inviting friends for a barbecue, tending the garden, or indulging in our favorite reading while relaxing on the terrace. It is also worth taking care that in addition to beautiful plantings and a tastefully decorated terrace on the property there is a place for various sports activities for adults

What to decide on? If you have a small garden, a practical solution in a rather limited space will be to separate a secluded corner, which will allow you to practice yoga or Pilates. Exercising surrounded by nature is much more pleasant than in a closed room. Those who own a larger property can prepare a full-size volleyball and badminton court (the cost of buying a net is 200-400 PLN, ball for volleyball – 50 PLN, a set of 4 pallets with darts for badminton – about 200 PLN). We certainly have at least a few fans of these sports among our friends, who will motivate us to play together

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What else will work in the garden? A mini golf course can be a less obvious solution – if you have a well-kept lawn, playing golf will be a real pleasure. It’s such a safe sport that even grandparents can enjoy this form of activity, competing with their grandchildren and other family members.

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