Sun sails for terrace and balcony

Sun sails for terrace and balcony
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Warmer months are approaching. Barbecue season is already behind us and with the rising temperatures we want to spend as much time as possible outdoors. Resting in the garden or on the terrace is a dream of all people tired of winter. It is well known that on hot summer days shade is the basic condition for a comfortable rest on the terrace. But how to create an aesthetically pleasing and effective roofing of the terrace so that it does not lose its charm and remains a cozy, atmospheric place despite the shade? Get to know sun sails and how to use them.

Terrace shading without a conventional roof

If you want to create a beautiful terrace that attracts and invites you to relax with its appearance, there are several factors to consider. Your patio decorating efforts can be spoiled by an unsightly roof. Patio roofs are often installed with polycarbonate panels or wood. This has its drawbacks – a wooden patio with a wooden roof will simply be heavy and clunky. On the other hand, panels made of polycarbonate for roofing look unsightly and quickly lose their clarity. Dirt gets inside the panels, and as a result, you have to replace them frequently so they don’t disfigure the terrace. Even the warmest, most atmospheric terrace with lots of cushions, lamps and candles can lose its charm through an ill-fitting roof.

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The ideal solution for those who care about the aesthetic appearance of the terrace are sun sails. These are sheets of material that shade the terrace space, without visually reducing it. The material protects against UV radiation as well as rain, leaves falling from trees and other debris. Because the sails are made of fabric rather than solid plastic, they create a sense of space and do not enclose it in a rigid framework

Freedom of placement for sun sails

Sun sails are available in square or triangular form. Their installation is child’s play, because it is enough to hang them on previously installed hooks on the terrace. The choice of sails for terrace roofing gives us great flexibility in their placement. You can, for example, hang them only in one part of the terrace and leave the remaining space in full sun so that you can sunbathe there. Because the sun sails diffuse the sun’s rays rather than block them completely, the transition between the covered and open parts of the terrace will be smooth and unobstructed, rather than heavy as if someone had chopped off half the roof with an axe. Thanks to easy assembly and many available sizes the sails will also work well as shade for a sunny balcony.

Many opportunities for arrangements

A terrace shaded by means of sun sails does not prevent us from arranging it according to our taste. While a terrace made entirely of wood will be more reminiscent of a mountain cabin than of a place where you can eat sausages from a barbecue in the summer, sails hung above the terrace do not dominate it. They are like a blank canvas on which you can create a real masterpiece. Whether you dream of a terrace full of greenery or a space decorated in shabby chic style, sun sails will provide you with protection from the sun without intrusive interference with the decor

A terrace is the dream of every person moving from an apartment to a house. Stepping out into the garden with a space where you can have your morning coffee or an evening glass of wine is a wonderful option. However, the arrangement of the terrace can cause us a lot of trouble. Sun sails will allow you to avoid several of them. So – sails to the mast!

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