Shade Zone. Pergolas and sun poles

Shade Zone. Pergolas and sun poles
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As you prepare your garden for the summer season, you must not forget that the sun will soon be higher. This means that it will warm our winter-weary bodies more strongly and give our skin a darker shade

Remember, however, that just as much as humans need the sun to live, your garden also needs a shade zone. There is nothing more refreshing and soothing than hiding in a pleasantly shady spot in the garden. In the evening, on the other hand, this shade zone turns into a cosy space to spend time with family and friends. How do you get the shade you want?


The pergolas built in gardens are nothing more than poles with a truss or roof placed on them. Often, climbing plants are incorporated into these garden structures. History has seen all sorts of pergolas over the years. They have been built since the Middle Ages – as massive marble structures or airy and lightweight structures. At first, pergolas were popular with hotel guests, and over time they became firmly established in home gardens.

Because of their simple design, pergolas often give the illusion of an unfinished project. This garden structure can be left completely without side walls, but it can also have one or more built in. It all depends on your garden and where you want to build a shade zone. A pergola that is surrounded by long curtains looks great. You can leave them uncovered when you need a breath of fresh air or draped when you need intimacy. A great advantage is that we are not completely cut off from nature by a wall or a door. A light rain shower, a breeze, or a butterfly flying under the roof of the pergola are additional elements you do not want to exclude during summer days and evenings.

The pergola has a variety of uses. You can create a pleasant play area for children in its shade. You can arrange this place for a relaxation or entertainment zone. A hot tub looks great under larger pergolas.

A pergola made of bamboo will give your garden a taste of faraway vacations.

What is the difference between a pergola and a gazebo?

The main thing that distinguishes pergolas from gazebos is that gazebos are always equipped with a solid roof. A pergola can also be connected to the wall of the house, unlike a gazebo, which always stands alone. You can also place pergolas over a path in your garden so that your walk can always take place in the shade.

Sunshade mast

Also called a sun sail. It is a fabric that stretches over a table or other relaxation area in the garden.

It can be attached to the wall of the house or form an independent unit.

Masts most often take triangular and rectangular shapes.

Such a cover is not complicated to install, and it will certainly do its job and protect you from the sun on hot days.

What is the price of pergolas and sun masts?

Of course, everything depends on their size and originality. A sun protection sail with a frame costs from a few hundred to over a thousand zlotys. Pergolas will be definitely more expensive. Remember that you can do a lot yourself to minimize costs. The lighting you decide to add to the pergola will also increase the cost of its construction somewhat. The same goes for the plants, furniture, and other accessories you’ll dream up for your garden shade area. But isn’t the effect worth it?

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