Solar or electric lights?

Solar or electric lights?
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Garden lighting should be functional and aesthetically pleasing – it must harmonize with the environment of the house. Properly planned lighting increases the comfort of using the garden. What lighting will be the best?

Why is proper lighting of the garden so important?

Garden lighting is one of the elements of garden architecture. It makes time pleasant during long summer evenings or meetings with friends at the grill. Well-placed lighting will make it easier to open the door in the evening or find the keys in your purse.

What elements of the garden should be illuminated?

Regardless of the chosen type of lighting, the garden should be illuminated:

  • gate and front door,
  • garden paths,
  • plants and landscaping.

Safety lighting

Regardless of the type of lighting should be safe, ie have the appropriate luminaires adapted to changing weather conditions. When choosing lamps for the garden should be guided by the IP symbol, in which the first number indicates resistance to dust and other pollen, and the second to liquids and solids.

Another important criterion to consider when buying a lamp is the electrical insulation class. The higher it is, the better the insulation is, so with a pond there should be at least class III insulation.

Garden lighting must be made of the highest quality materials resistant to weather conditions and comfortable in daily use.

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Types of garden lighting

Electric garden lighting

Electrical garden lighting should be planned already at the stage of construction of the house or arranging the garden. The electrical system is usually connected to the existing home installation. It is worth doing this at the stage of designing the garden to avoid digging up entire flowerbeds later. The garden electrical system should have two switches:

  • to protect against electric shock,
  • matched to the strength of the intensity.

Before installing the garden electrical system should be made its design, which will be determined precisely the type of power supply and the number of points. When choosing the type of power supply, take into account the power and type of lamps that will be connected. If the lighting will be more than a few points, then you should plan for a 230 volt power supply.

Before buying lamps for the garden, you should check what type of power supply they have. Garden lamps available in stores are:

  • directional spotlights – ideal for highlighting plants or illuminating a driveway;
  • motion detector lamps;
  • wall sconces and plafonds – great for your front door and gate;
  • ceiling lights;
  • ground (overhead) lights;
  • poles and standing lamps.

Solar lamps – a modern and ecological solution

Solar lamps are a modern, inexpensive and ecological solution, which is used to complete the garden arrangement. They are used to light paths, driveways and small garden architecture. The light emitted by them is not as strong as electric light, but it is enough to safely move around the house.

The biggest advantage of these lamps is that you do not have to worry about constant access to electricity. This eliminates the need for complicated and expensive additional electrical installations. Each solar lamp has an internal battery that stores the sun’s energy. The battery in the lamp uses one of three technologies:

  • lithium-ion,
  • lead-gel,
  • nickel-metal hydride.

When choosing a solar lamp, you should pay attention to the capacity of the battery. The larger it is, the more powerful the lamp will shine.

The battery in each solar lamp is equipped with photovoltaic panels, which collect solar energy during the day. They also have a system that starts the lamp after dusk. Some models of solar lamps have a motion sensor that lights them up.

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LED garden lighting

LED garden lighting is not a very popular solution due to the high cost of installation, which pays for itself only after a few years of use. LED garden lights have many advantages – they are safe, cheap to operate and very efficient (they can be used without replacement for several years).

LED lighting is resistant to various shocks. It emits full power of diffused or focused light right after switching on.

When choosing lighting for the garden, you should be guided by personal preferences. The most popular and economical solution are solar lamps. The most expensive lighting is LED garden lights.

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