How to arrange a terrace?

How to arrange a terrace?
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Time spent outdoors is doubly enjoyable and meals taste twice as good. A properly designed and furnished terrace not only becomes an extension of the interior allowing you to take full advantage of the home’s advantage over the apartment, but also serves for many months for dining, relaxing and even work. In this article, we will tell you what you should pay attention to when decorating your terrace.

In the sun or in the shade?

Contrary to what one might think, this is a very important question that must be answered during the design phase of a terrace. The choice of terrace location is very important. If you plan to use it for a large part of the year, you have to bear in mind the vagaries of the weather. Even though we may be reluctant to do so, we should think about roofing the terrace. Both a retractable awning and various canopies can be used for this purpose. A very interesting proposal are transparent canopies made of durable polycarbonate, which can be found on the website Robelit. Beaching on the covered terrace is admittedly not possible, but thanks to this we will be able to enjoy spending time outdoors for a longer time in the year in the comfort of our home extension


Another important element of our dream terrace space is proper lighting. This will allow us to spend pleasant evenings on the terrace, and well-chosen lamps will allow us to create a pleasant atmosphere. What should be taken into account when choosing the right lighting? First of all, we should find such lamps which will not only illuminate the terrace space well but also their appearance will match the style we have chosen. Many interesting suggestions can be found on the website The most common choices include façade garden lamps with LED light. It is worth to think about additional sources of light in the form of solar-powered lamps, as well as various types of candlesticks and lanterns


Since the terrace is to be an extension of our house, and also serve as a dining room, a set of furniture should be properly selected for this space. Sets containing a table and chairs allowing to accommodate quite a number of people will be the best choice, especially useful during organized meetings, e.g. at a barbecue. However for everyday relaxation and enjoyment of coffee on the terrace, a set of furniture with a coffee table and armchairs is sufficient. It is also worth paying attention to the material of the furniture. If you opt for wooden sets, remember to take care of their proper impregnation!


The real character of a terrace is the style of its decoration. Accessories should not overwhelm the space, but fill it up to make it cozy and comfortable. It is worth taking care of candles, candleholders and lanterns, which with their light and fragrance will create a warm atmosphere. Various kinds of plants are also important! Flowers such as geraniums and lobelias will do just as well on the terrace as green plants, low trees and fragrant herbs that you can then use in the kitchen. A popular patio style is boho, with beautiful macramé ornaments and flowerbeds, lots of green plants, dried grass and elements from Mediterranean culture. Another popular trend is Scandinavian style, which relies on natural materials, as well as accessories such as cotton ball lights and fluffy carpets

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