Oiling wooden garden furniture

Oiling wooden garden furniture
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Wooden furniture looks dignified and natural in the garden, blends well with the greenery of plants, as well as raw concrete and metal. In a word, it is a universal material. What to do to extend its life?

There are many threats to wooden garden furniture. Too much moisture, temperature fluctuations, cracks from screws, attacks of mold or mildew. And although garden furniture is usually painted with a layer of protective varnish at the factory, to be on the safe side we recommend re-oiling before use. In this article, we take you through the secrets of oiling wood from A to Z

What to oil your garden furniture with?

Despite appearances, oil is not the same as oil. Admittedly, preparations for oiling wood outside and inside are usually very similar in terms of the properties offered. However, not just any product for ‘garden furniture’ will solve all your problems. The oil you choose must be matched to the type of wood and to the conditions of use and storage. To select the best product, ask your home improvement store employee for advice. Remember that a good wood oil should contain a UV filter, protect against moisture and mildew, and nourish the wood. Garden furniture is best protected with a clear impregnator after oiling to ensure long-lasting results

Calendar for oiling wood

As already mentioned, furniture should be protected before it is used for the first time. However, this is not a one-time action – garden furniture should be protected once a year, and if it is stored in extremely unfavorable conditions (e.g. not under a canopy which partially protects it from rain) even every 4 months

How to prepare the furniture?

The essence of oiling is to thoroughly saturate wood with oil which penetrates the structure, firms and protects it. Over time, the oil wears off and discolors, making it necessary to repeat the treatment

The first and basic rule when oiling is to read the instructions carefully. Many manufacturers specify the exact humidity and temperature parameters that should be maintained during maintenance. The surface of the wood must be smooth, dry, free of dust and dirt for the oil to penetrate thoroughly. Oil is applied with a roller or paint brush, exactly like paint on walls. It’s a good idea to make the first coat extra thick – wait the time specified by the manufacturer, then use a cloth to remove excess product. Usually 3 layers of oil are enough, but there are also those who prefer 8. Again, it all depends on the conditions in which the furniture is stored

To oil or not to oil?

This is really a rhetorical question. Garden furniture, especially wooden, is exposed to scratches, mechanical damage, fading due to UV radiation, cracks from screws and temperature fluctuations. If every year you do not want to spend a fortune on decent patio furniture, it is worth taking care of the maintenance of those you already have. However, oiling does not mean that the furniture can be stored in dire conditions. Remember not to leave wooden furniture outside during the winter. However, you should also not store them in a place that is too warm and dry (e.g. in the living room next to the fireplace) as they may dry out too much and start to crack. Also, don’t cover damp furniture with materials that don’t provide ventilation – this is the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow.

Main photo: Annie Spratt/unsplash.com

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