Conifers in the garden. Cultivation and care

Conifers in the garden. Cultivation and care
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Conifers are one of the most popular garden plants. They look beautiful and are a guarantee of shade and privacy. But how to take care of conifers so that they grow healthily? Learn all about growing and caring for garden conifers from this article.

Characteristics of conifers

Conifers are a very diverse family of plants. Thanks to their rich diversity, they allow for a variety of uses in landscaping your garden. What is worth knowing about conifers? First of all, they are plants that feel perfectly at home in the Polish climate. They are characterized by low cultivation requirements and low susceptibility to diseases and pests, which is why they are so popularly chosen for home gardens. Most conifers are also evergreen plants, which means that they also look beautiful in winter. And what is the size and growth rate of conifers? This, of course, depends on the species and cultivation, but the vast majority of conifers grow quite slowly – annual increments are about 10 centimeters, and in the case of dwarf species a few centimeters at most. 

The best conditions for conifers

Wondering what conditions are most favorable for growing conifers and whether your garden will be a good place for them? 

Coniferous plants, first of all, like the sun. The best place for them will be a sunny or semi-shaded position. The exceptions are Siberian microbiotes and yews, which grow better in the shade. As for soil requirements, the vast majority of species grow well in most naturally occurring soils in Poland. This is very beneficial from the point of view of cultivation, since it is not necessary to prepare a special substrate. A bigger limitation in the cultivation of some coniferous species, however, may be soil moisture. 

When thinking about the cultivation of conifers, it is essential to also consider the place and timing of planting. First of all, you need to remember not to plant slow-growing conifers near strong-growing deciduous trees. And as for the planting date, the most convenient will be spring or autumn.

Care of garden conifers

Also, do not forget about the proper care of conifers. Especially important is the care of freshly planted conifers. Immediately after planting, it is necessary to carry out the so-called corrective pruning, that is, to remove all damaged shoots. It is also important to water the new conifers generously. It is also worth carrying out mulching of the ground.

And how to care for conifers that have been growing in the garden for some time? First of all, remember to water them infrequently, but very abundantly. It is also worth introducing mineral fertilization. In addition, in the case of conifers such as firs and spruces, it is quite common for them to produce several conductors. In such a situation, the conductors competing with the main shoot should be removed immediately. With such care, you can be sure that your garden conifers will grow beautifully and healthily.

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