Synonyms for relaxation: swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi in the garden

Synonyms for relaxation: swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi in the garden
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All Finns have saunas in their homes. All the Hollywood stars have pictures in their hot tubs. And everyone at the thought of an all-inclusive vacation has a big pool in front of their eyes. Sauna, Jacuzzi, and pool are unquestionable synonyms for relaxation. Can you afford any of these things in your garden?

Swimming pool

The most common size of pool in the backyard garden is 4 m × 8 m. The depth of recreational pools rarely exceeds 1.5 m. Only a pool with a trampoline automatically makes it necessary to deepen it. With the size of the pool increases the price of its construction. And this is not low, even in the case of a standard pool and is about 40 thousand zł. You can opt for an in-ground or superstructure pool.

Happy owners of the pool often decide also on its roofing. With a pergola over the pool, you can enjoy swimming without being coerced into strong sunbathing. A pool is a luxury on vacation, and in the garden it will make you feel like you are on vacation every day. Imagine a pool party on a warm summer evening. Or watching a movie together with friends with a drink in hand.

Note: Having a pool in your garden risks making your family and friends feel lonely when enjoying it.

What if the price of building a pool is too high?

You can also bet on cheaper, although less aesthetic solutions. Such a pool in a popular chain store is an expense of several hundred gold. Remember that, just like in larger pools, you need to take care of the water and filter it. Hipster ideas also have their charm and are definitely cheaper.


It enjoys much less popularity than the pool. Admittedly, its purpose is slightly different and the way it is used is significantly different. Garden saunas are much cheaper than swimming pools. For as little as 5 thousand zlotys you can become the owner of a sauna, which will not only help in relaxation, but will positively affect your health. Sauna is great for cleansing toxins and stimulates the body to produce white blood cells responsible for immunity. Is there a more useful way to spend time with friends? You can offer them to relax together while taking care of your health without much effort.

The design of the garden sauna can also be more advanced. Remember that after relaxing in the sauna, you can jump into the ice-cold water! Or simply douse yourself in it.


The Jacuzzi is another luxury garden feature for many that is synonymous with relaxation. The minimum price of a Jacuzzi is somewhere between that of a swimming pool and a sauna. More than 20 thousand zlotys – this is how much you have to pay for this huge tub with bubbles.

A Jacuzzi will not accommodate all the guests you could invite to a pool party. Most often, 4-6 people can enjoy the charms of a Jacuzzi at the same time.

Relaxation time in a hot tub brings positive effects to your body. The bubbles affect the blood flow in the skin, and this leads to ridding the body of toxins. Jacuzzi is a remedy for swollen legs, aching tendons and joints. Bubble bath will be useful for both hard working and active amateur athletes.


Remember that to want is to be able! That’s why you can create a small jacuzzi by minimizing costs!

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