Striking entrance. Arrangement of the entrance to the property

Striking entrance. Arrangement of the entrance to the property
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Main entrance is a showcase of each property. How to arrange this home space so that it looks presentable and tasteful? What plants and materials will be the best solution?

Ideas for the entrance to the property – inspiration for everyone

The entrance to the property is a sign of taste and good taste of the hosts, so it is worth making every effort to make this area safe, impressive and functional. What solutions will impress guests while not ruining our budget?


Manufacturers offer us a wide range of materials for paving in front of the house, in different price ranges. A very popular and economical solution is still the entrance paved with cobblestones. Although it is a stable and dirt resistant material, it is worth considering other, more aesthetic options (especially multi-colored compositions made of Baum blocks do not evoke positive associations and have little to do with good taste)

A timeless and durable solution will be covering the area with natural stone – e.g. sandstone or granite (cut cubes of irregular shape close to cuboid are very popular). An interesting alternative is an entrance made of wooden elements; wooden pavement, that is, impregnated slices of wood laid on a sand and gravel bed, will emphasize the intense green of the lawn (oak is the most durable material). Of course, you should be aware that the wooden surface is not as resistant as stone and after a few years it may not look as attractive as at the beginning

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Clinker paving fired from clay, which is considered to be an extremely durable and fade-resistant building material, also goes very well with plants. In recent years many people have also chosen large-format architectural concrete slabs, which are suitable both for garden paths, terraces and driveways (they look best in front of a house with a modern, minimalist design).

Important Tip. Pay attention that the color and structure of the surface in front of the house is consistent with other elements of the garden that surround it, the facade of the building, vegetation, steps and retaining walls.

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Another important element in the design of the space around the main entrance is adequate lighting. If there are stairs leading to our house, a great idea will be to illuminate each step with LED strips or small spotlights. For the sake of comfort and safety of household members, it is worth installing an additional source of light over the entrance door (if it has a canopy) or on the sides in the form of wall lamps. It is worth equipping the light points with motion sensors. An ecological solution is to buy outdoor lighting based on solar technology – importantly, such lamps do not require an electrical circuit


If you want to plan a spectacular entrance area, you cannot forget about planting. To make your front area more attractive, choose plants that are easy to care for and resistant to drought, pests and disease. Recommended trees and shrubs include white dogwood, dwarf maple, bladderworts, clematis, mountain ash and hawthorn. In order to give the area in front of the garden a modern character, it is worth planting ornamental grasses such as blue fescue, Japanese clematis, miscanthus, or pampas grass.

Doors to the house

Exterior doors should protect residents against the cold, be resistant to adverse weather conditions and make it difficult for thieves to get inside. It is also worth paying attention to acoustic protection and of course the visual aspects. Partially glazed (transparent, frosted, semi-permeable, fusing) will be a real decoration of the building.

If you want the entrance to the property to look elegant and classy, remember that the most important thing is moderation. When creating the design of your dream arrangement, try not to overdo it with the number of different colors and materials, especially if you have no experience in this type of work

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