Summer on the terrace. We choose decorations and accessories

Summer on the terrace. We choose decorations and accessories
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Every owner of a terrace knows how pleasant it is to spend free time on it. That is why we care about the proper arrangement of this place, so that it is not only functional, but also beautiful. As it turns out, not only the furniture and platform are important, but also the decorations and accessories that create a magical atmosphere conducive to relaxation. What is worth betting on this season? 

Flowers and potted plants – a proven decoration

Flowers and plants of all kinds, regardless of trends, will always sensationally decorate and fill the terrace space. However, what you put in pots may not be obvious to everyone. The most popular option is all kinds of flowering flowers, such as geraniums, verbenas, lavenders, hydrangeas or dahlias. However, you can also put thuyas, ferns, yews, boxwoods or barberries in pots. Displaying cacti or succulents you own on the terrace during the summer can also be a great option. 

Flowers or shrubs, of course, need an appropriate setting, and this is provided by pots and covers. This season is still dominated by various types of wooden boxes, as well as casings made of natural materials. Our terrace plants will beautifully decorate wicker baskets or baskets woven from seagrass. 

Light – a practical decoration 

We have long since learned that properly selected lighting becomes an almost irreplaceable decoration not only of interiors, but also of garden spaces or terraces. Here you can let your imagination run wild. Almost any type of lighting will work on the terrace. A wall-mounted sconce, a striking hanging lamp, garlands of lights entwining columns or balustrades, as well as various types of lanterns or candles will bring brightness. The coolest thing is that you don’t have to limit yourself to just one choice. Get carried away and go wild!  


Also this year, as in previous years, a beautiful decoration of the terrace are all kinds of fabrics and curtains that provide privacy, as well as shielding from the sun or rain. Moved by a gentle breeze, they make the terrace take on a life of its own. In addition, the whole arrangement becomes light and cozy. 


This is an element mainly associated with the interior of the house. However, the right carpet matched to the rest of the arrangement will also become an interesting decoration of the terrace. Here, however, the smaller pieces, such as those made of jute, seagrass or vinyl, will work better. It’s worth looking around not only for a beautiful, but also practical carpet that will complement the decor, and at the same time be resistant to adverse weather conditions. 

Suspended chairs

A real treat and impressive decoration of the terrace space will certainly be all kinds of chairs and armchairs suspended from the ceiling, for example, made in the so recently popular macramé technique. Braided chairs will catch the eye, and besides, they will be a practical piece of furniture providing high-class relaxation. Nothing is so calming as relaxing with a book in hand while feeling the gentle swaying. Unfortunately, craftsman-made models are not among the cheapest, but they are definitely worth the price. And what’s more, this way we support small, native manufactures and artists. 

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