Paths in the garden – how to illuminate?

Lighting of gardens has become rather standard, which we think about already at the stage of designing and creating a vision of our dream green retreat. How to illuminate garden paths to make them both beautiful and safe?

Why do we need garden lighting?

The paths in our gardens lead to their farthest corners and serve the purpose of safe movement, even after darkness falls. They make the home space less chaotic, and thanks to them we also emphasize which elements of the garden arrangement are our favorites. That’s why we are so keen on their lighting, which is just perfect on late summer evenings, especially if we like to throw all kinds of parties or garden parties. Garden lighting also provides a higher sense of security, as it illuminates even the most remote parts of the plot and acts as a deterrent to intruders. Good illumination of the garden will also allow us to finish the work, even if it has already become dark. And perhaps the most important factor encouraging the installation of such solutions is the fact that we will spend much more time in a beautiful and friendly environment, which will also have a positive impact on our health and well-being.

What kind of lighting to choose for the garden?

Beautiful and well-fitted garden lighting becomes an incredible decoration of the green arrangement, and also provides homeowners and guests with safety of movement after dark. When choosing lamps, we realize that this is an investment for years, so it is worth investing in a better and more durable product that will stay with us for several seasons. On the market you will find many options – from classic lamps through energy-saving and solar lamps, floodlights with motion sensors to recessed lights. You should be interested in outdoor lighting with high resistance to the elements, including rain. For the garden, fixtures with a minimum of IP44 are best, but we recommend those with IP55 and IP65.

Lamp models ideal for garden path lighting 

When we choose path lighting, we usually consider classic lanterns, standing lamps called mast lamps, lanterns driven into the lawn or flowerbed, for example, as well as those recessed into the ground. The latter especially in the past few seasons have gained many admirers. Recessed lighting was actually created to illuminate sidewalks, paths or driveways. It allows you to create a unique atmosphere while discreetly providing security. Moreover, plants illuminated from below become a striking decoration of any garden.

Another and almost hassle-free solution are solar lamps, which do not require us to install an electrical system. We can place them anywhere along the path. In addition, this is an ecological solution that does not require us to spend a lot of money during use. The number of models, shapes, sizes and styles of these lamps can turn heads, so everyone will find their favorites among them. However, if you want a lot of illumination of the alleys, it will be necessary to place the lamps relatively densely, as they usually produce a rather subtle glow.

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