Wooden terrace roofed step by step

Wooden terrace roofed step by step
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The roof over the terrace is very useful, after all, it protects us from the weather, whether from too much sun, rainfall or even wind. Thanks to this we can enjoy the use of the terrace regardless of the conditions. Before building the roof, however, it is necessary to design the structure well, paying attention to a number of guidelines. What should you pay attention to?

The advantages of this solution

A wooden decking reduces the need for maintenance of the decking as UV rays and rain or other precipitation do not come into direct contact with the surface. We will less often have to oil them and remove the effects of rain, snow or leaves. Wooden decking fits in extremely well with wooden decks, but when well laid out it will not clash with other materials.

Required paperwork?

To report or not to report? In theory, terrace roofing does not require any permits, but there is one exception. According to construction law, structures that enlarge the surface of a terrace must be reported to the local building department, which will then issue a permit. In other cases, you do not need to inform the building department of your plans.

Location of the roof

Remember that the location of the roof over the terrace is important – further proceedings depend on it. The southern side is exposed to strong sunlight, and the northern side to strong wind. If it’s on the north side, the roof will significantly reduce the amount of light reaching the interior of the terrace and it will be dark most of the day (unless that’s the effect you want to achieve). Then you’ll have to think about whether a partial canopy, a retractable awning or simply an umbrella would be a better solution.

The type of canopy

A classic canopy can be equipped with a roof and supports, but also with additional side walls (and even go full-blown) or take the form of a pergola with awnings or blinds. Those who are interested in a conservatory should invest in a complete canopy development. Everything depends on our taste, needs and how we see our ideal terrace. More and more often, the pergolas with awnings mentioned above, which create an interesting design, are gaining popularity.

Canopy materials

The typical materials for creating a canopy are wood and aluminum. These structures are clearly the most popular choice. Wood is durable, aesthetically pleasing, and inexpensive, but also demanding compared to other materials. It is necessary, among other things, to preserve it well in order to fully enjoy it. The roofing itself can have plastic or glass elements that will allow light to pass through well.


Many roofing projects assume self-assembly, which makes things much easier and reduces costs. When choosing the roofing, one should be prepared to spend several thousand zlotys. The cheapest ones start at around PLN 1000. When buying we should pay attention to its type, because the larger and more complicated project, the higher its price. It will also then require the help of an expert for its installation, which again generates costs.

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Design and functionality

Wooden roofing is extremely stylish, so in addition to its undeniable functionality will also look good at our house and highlight its style. The location of such a roof is important, it can not be accidental, so that the roof does not shade the terrace too much or allow too much sunlight. Some models can be installed by yourself, with others you will need the help of a specialist.

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