Rosemary in the kitchen. Cultivation, properties and uses

Most people are familiar with the aroma of rosemary. This intense aroma has also been present in kitchens for centuries and the aromatic leaves add variety to many dishes. Check out the properties of rosemary!

Rosemary – known since ancient times

Did you know that, according to Greek mythology, it was rosemary that adorned the body of Aphrodite? There are also more legends connected with the rosemary herb. In the Middle Ages, it was regarded as a symbol of love and that is why it was placed on the bride’s head covering. Today, it is mostly known as an aromatic food additive, although it is also used in herbal medicine. Learn more and you too will benefit from the power of nature!

Rosemary in the kitchen

Rosemary herb is widely used in cooking. Its leaves are a perfect match for steak, sirloin and grilled chicken. Lamb and veal also taste delicious when seasoned with rosemary leaves

The unique aroma of the spice also makes it a popular choice for fish dishes. Thick cream sauces and soups are also worth adding a little rosemary here! Experienced chefs also like to add it to desserts and drinks, especially alcoholic ones. A delicious drink with a touch of rosemary? That must be very aromatic.

Rosemary leaves also go well with salads and shashliks – perfect for the holiday season. Note that rosemary is also very aromatic, so don’t overdo it. A little is enough for a tasty and fragrant effect. Especially dishes which are supposed to be delicate in flavour can be given a lot of character by rosemary!

Health benefits of rosemary

It is not only the excellent taste that makes rosemary part of your daily diet. Check out its health benefits and you will be happy to use it in your cooking from now on.

Are you suffering from circulatory problems? Reach for a rosemary infusion – it should help. Just in time for the autumn blues that are already knocking at your door! Rosemary is also rich in antioxidants, which helps prevent many diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular diseases. If you want to boost your immunity and improve your digestion, reach for rosemary too! Interestingly, this herb is a great warming agent, so it is sometimes used when you have a cold or flu. It is definitely worth trying it out, especially during autumn and winter, when the risk of getting a cold is really high.

Home grown rosemary

Do you want to have this aromatic and health-promoting herb always at hand? You can grow Rosemary in a pot. The most important rule is to water it sparingly. Rosemary does not like to be watered too much. Too much can do a lot of damage. This is a great way to always have rosemary leaves ready to add to various dishes and drinks. Chop the leaves as finely as possible, put them in a box or jar and put it in the freezer. Done!

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