Mowing robots. What can the latest models do?  

Automatic vacuuming and floor cleaning robots are no longer a novelty on the market or an exotic sight in the home. A rather unusual device, however, are mowing robots that operate on a similar principle to automatic vacuum cleaners. Trimming the lawn is not the most pleasant or interesting task, but in any garden it is an unavoidable duty. Modern models of robotic mowers can really make lawn care in the garden easier and make sure that your lawn is as perfect as a golf course. Learn about the capabilities of robotic mowers.  

How do automatic lawn mowers work?   

The way robotic mowers work is largely similar to electric mowers. However, it takes place wirelessly and, most importantly, without human intervention. Mowing robots are powered by a capacious battery, thanks to which the operating time of the latest models of mowers is up to three-four hours on a single charge. Medium-capacity devices, dedicated primarily to home lawns of less than 1,000 sq. m., allow mowing for 60 to 90 minutes without a break for charging. For larger areas, multiple charges or the purchase of a more powerful device are necessary.  

Automatic mowers are the highest end of smart home devices. They are quite difficult to assemble and install, so it’s worth calling a specialist to do it, but further use of the robot is already really simple. The device scans the garden area and analyzes obstacles, bumps and potential problems that appear on the way, then determines the best route to cut the grass.

With the app or a special controller, you can set the length you want the grass to be cut and mark areas to be cut or skipped. This way you don’t have to worry about the robot driving into flower beds or destroying ornamental plants in the garden. It will only move around the area designated by the user. The new generation devices are also equipped with sensors that allow them to recognize objects unexpectedly appearing on the route, for example, garden furniture, children’s toys or animals. 

Why is it worth having a robot mower?  

The strongest argument for buying such a device is to save time and energy. To keep the lawn in good shape, to allow it to grow and thicken properly, mowing once a week is needed. With a large area, this is a very time- and labor-intensive activity. Unless you hire an outside company to do it, it takes a lot of commitment to maintain a beautiful lawn. By purchasing an automatic lawn mower, you gain a lot of time and save yourself the extra work that has to be done most of the year.

Another strong advantage is that you can take care of your lawn even when you are away from home. Modern robots have anti-theft sensors and alarms, which are triggered when an unauthorized person picks up the robot. Such a device also independently regulates its work depending on the battery level, so it can work virtually around the clock without human assistance. Even a month-long vacation abroad will not adversely affect the condition of your lawn if you leave it in the care of a robotic mower.   

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