How to store terrace and balcony accessories outdoors?

Patio and balcony accessories are usually exposed to unfavorable weather conditions. If you want them to serve you for many years, you need to store them properly. Fortunately, we know some reliable ways to do this.

Perform maintenance on wooden accessories

Wooden accessories are particularly vulnerable to adverse weather conditions. It is a good idea to clean them after each use. However, this should be done gently so as not to damage their structure. In addition, it is good to remember to impregnate and varnish wooden items. This will make them stronger and more resistant to moisture. Using special covers is also a good way.

Protect metal components from corrosion

Metal parts seem to be extremely durable. Aluminum accessories are indeed the most resistant to weather conditions, making them great for terraces and balconies. However, it turns out that some metals require maintenance. You can use a high-pressure cleaner or water and a cloth for this purpose. 

From time to time it is a good idea to wipe metals with alcohol to get rid of fungal spores from their surfaces. You can use grease for the cutting parts. If resin has adhered to them, wipe them with solvent. On the other hand, when you notice rust on metal parts, use a wire brush. In addition, you may encounter chipping of enamel. To prevent this, regularly wash your cast iron accessories with water and wipe them with a cloth soaked in oil or oil.

How to protect wicker?

Wicker accessories also need maintenance, but it looks a little different from ordinary wood. Even more important is to hide them from moisture. When exposed to rain, they can discolor and even start to crumble.  For complete safety, it is advisable to use sprays designed to impregnate wicker. For daily care, on the other hand, some recommend a homemade solution of water with a few drops of lemon, with which you can wipe dirty accessories. Remember not to store them in soaked covers. This could lead to mold and mildew.

Plastic also needs protection

Plastic is one of the most durable materials for terraces and balconies. Nevertheless, in order to preserve its original appearance, it needs to be taken care of. For this, all you need is water with dishwashing liquid and a cloth. This is the basis for avoiding yellowing of the material. As with metals, a pressure washer will also work here. In addition, remember that when storing plastic accessories in winter, it is a good idea to put them in a warm cover. Low temperatures can make your equipment brittle and fragile.

Protect against theft

Some valuable accessories can be potential loot for thieves. To deprive them of the opportunity to enrich themselves at your expense, take care of security features. You can keep your equipment in a trunk or small tool room. It will also be a good idea to use steel cables with a padlock to secure your accessories with.

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