How to arrange a terrace in a romantic style?

Do you think the time is finally right to redecorate your patio? How about a soft and sensual romantic style? Despite appearances, it has nothing to do with the ubiquitous hearts and teddy bears print. What does it look like?

Softness and airiness of the romantic style

Light and pastel colors dominate in the romantic terrace design. Wooden furniture, without sharp angles, possibly metal. Some old pieces pulled out of the attic or basement will be great to add character. Avoid artificial materials. If you want, you can put a soft carpet on the floor, which has been a hit in recent years. Don’t forget about accessories! Opt for light cushions and plenty of candles and torches placed on the windowsill or coffee table. Put lights and garlands on the banister or column. You can complement the whole with linen curtains, which will give lightness to the arrangement. Complete the look with flowers and tall grasses. Petunias, daisies, geraniums, pansies, dahlias, lavender, and of course, the irreplaceable roses, which are the essence of romance, will do just fine

A romantic terrace makes relaxation even more enjoyable. Let yourself be carried away by the lazy atmosphere!

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